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Reach a targeted audience
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Highest response rates
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Mobile Marketing

Reach more customers - Increased sales
The customer data is relevant and accurate
Mobile marketing is cost effective
Campaigns are fast to implement

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SMS Advantage

Reduced risk of investment
Campaigns are highly trackable
Viral: Customers forward messages to friends
Average redemption rate is 20%

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Set-Up and Planning

We set up and coordinate all text messaging interactions with the carriers

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We manage all text messaging activities involved in your campaign and track results for you


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You will receive real time results to your desktop as the campaigns are executed so you can monitor the success

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Boosts consumers inclination to purchase by 36%
Increases positive brand affinity by 18%, and in best results by 35%
Build brand awareness with 50% more success than TV and 130% more than radio

Big Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

ROIThe best part of mobile marketing is the direct impact; know that 5 seconds from now, 97% of the people you just sent this message to are reading it. (Most effective/ most strategic form of marketing today.) This is highly targetable. You have the ability to market only to those customers you know are going to buy from you. The benefit to you is "For the first time ever, you aren't wasting your money on advertising. You will actually get an ROI. Are you the kind of person that likes to invest in your own business if you are going to get money back in return?
Text MessagingThe biggest thing is we give you the ability to deliver a promotion or "call to action" with pinpoint accuracy and at the exact time you want it delivered. This can be done spur of the moment too. It is proven to have greater call to action rate than other types of marketing (direct mail less than 1%, e-mail campaigns, less than 5% are read).
This is also highly track-able. Most people run coupons and specials, or VIP sales events off their keyword, people will literally walk in the door and show you their phone for their discount. This proves an ROI without question. How would you feel when you had customers walking in the door after you ran a promotion and you could see that for once your marketing efforts weren't going to waste. This means more customers and more business for you.
Success with Mobile MarketingNo lead time in a marketing effort. This is an advantage over all of your competition that has to plan months in advance. The advantage is flexibility. You don't have to plan months in advance… You are a little slow, you can immediately craft a campaign to fit the needs right now. Over-stocked on something? Have an opening? Let everyone know right now!
Make money with SMSThis is highly targetable. You have the ability to market only to those customers you know are going to buy from you. Why would you waste money on any other type of marketing?
Also, easily mashed up with other marketing efforts. Benefit; This also adds effectiveness to other marketing efforts. If you do run a billboard, or something in the paper, now there is an actual "call to action". They can text in. When they do, you will have them forever.


Make money with SMSMobile searches are made every few seconds by thousands of mobile devices in any one technologically modern location. Google has reported a consistent 130% search volume growth year after year with this value expected to grow at a higher volume in the years to come as more advanced mobile devices are being released with an even greater demand for such devices. These devices have capabilities that online marketers have been dreaming of, such as the ability to render full sized, memory intensive websites with elements such as scripts and even advanced objects such as flash based media.

Mobile Marketing Tools

Make money with SMS QR Codes - These are specialized "bar codes" that are scan-able by smart phones to get any type of information from locations. Social Network Access are capable of generating any type of QR code you can imagine for mobile sites and even phone number dialing.
Mobile Ads Platform - This is basically an advertising service that you can find that offers advertisements within apps for phones and other devices. These work by inserting the advertisements into games and other apps which are offered for free at the cost of having to view ads periodically. It is actually very effective and works well.
Mobile Landing Pages - These are specialty websites which are designed to be accessed by phones and other mobile devices. They provide information about the full version website and other mobile specific content.
Text Messaging - Short Message Service (SMS) SMS SMS is a common method of sending short messages between cell phones. It's a way of marketing that helps you effectively get messages to your customers and target customers. Not only can you fill an immediate need for someone who wants information now, but you can capture information about that lead, opening the door to contact them and to market to them in the future.
Mobile Banners - these are banner ads which are optimized for mobile devices. They will send the users to mobile specific websites or contact
information locations where they can learn more about services.
Text Ads - These are advertisements that are seen commonly on websites but are text based only. They take up the least amount of resources and are
very simple to click on or avoid if you want to.
Click to Call - As mentioned above, specialty ads that call your business directly when clicked.
Mobile Apps - There are almost 1,500,000 popular mobile apps for iPhone apps, BlackBerry apps, Android apps, Windows Mobile apps and others. And the market is booming. It is not enough if you merely create a mobile app - marketing mobile applications is equally important. The best way to market your app is to go through an App Store. You will benefit immensely from including your app therein.